Gabby Bernstein on Creating Miracles in Your Life.

Gabby Bernstein on Creating Miracles in Your Life.

Choose Love.




Let go.

These were some of the teachings that I experienced in a day with Gabby Bernstein in January 2015.  However these aren’t just teachings that I learnt on the day, forgetting them as I have gone about my days and weeks ahead.

These are teachings that have been embodied in my body and mind, forever changing who I am as a person.

Named “the next generation thought leader” by Oprah Winfrey.

Gabby Bernstein is a true earth angel. A miracle worker. A woman on a mission to bring The Course In Miracles to her generation.

Today I would like to share with you the lessons that have continued to impact my life.

Shift from fear to love
Gabby says that “A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love.”
Every moment that you choose love over fear is a miracle.
A miracle can be that moment you decide to forgive the person who broke your heart and let go of resentment and anger or when you begin to choose to see that even though things may not have worked out the way you wanted to in your life, that all is happening to some big divine plan and you are being led.  It is these moments of miracles that add up to create a miraculous life.

Surrender it fully.
Humbly Surrender and recognise that you can no longer reply on your own strength. Become the non judgemental witness of your thoughts and thank your inner guide for bringing this to your awareness. The spiritual path is not the path of perfection but rather where you go “out” and come back home again and again. Your work is to focus on how fast you come back to the light. As we pray, we call on the wisdom that is waiting for us and open a door to our intuition/higher voice/Universe. Our intuition is the voice of love that will guide us to our higher potential.

Spirit Junkie mantra: “ Inner Guide, I surrender this to you. Thank you for showing me my thoughts. Thank you for changing my mind. Thank you for reorganising my mind.”

Forgiveness is the foundation of every spiritual practice. It is through forgiveness that we allow ourselves to receive miracles. We let go of our own agenda and allow trust to come into our lives. Forgiveness starts with ourselves. Start by being willing and to welcome forgiveness into your life. Set the intention. Let go of the how or the why and be open to receive guidance. Use this forgiveness mantra for 21 days and watch your life begin to shift.
Spirit Junkie mantra: “I am willing to forgive”.

Be aware of what is playing out in your mind.
We all know the power of our own inner critic. Be aware of what story is playing out. When you are finding yourself stuck, feeling fearful or harbouring unconscious feelings of guilt and sadness you are relying on your own strength rather surrendering and trusting trusting your intuition/inner guide/God/The Universe.

Spirit Junkie mantra: “Thank you inner guide for showing me creative positives beyond my sight. Thank you for all of the creative possibilities that you show me”.

When you commit to your own spiritual path you shine a light that gives permission for others to shine brightly.
Often at times we may not understand the path of our lives and find ourselves questioning what has gone wrong. It is only through hindsight that often we are able to realise that our detours can actually be moving us to the right direction. Our darkest moments can be a greatest miracles. Trust that you are being guided ALL the time. We must learn to get out of our own way and trust that spirit is doing for you all that we cannot do for ourselves.

Spirit Junkie Action Step: Commit to your path allowing yourself to lead from within. Don’t worry about the how or the why but rather ask for guidance.

Your happiness is a direct reflection to the flow and how quickly you come back to alignment. 

When we are stuck in the story of our past, relying on our own inner strength, in judgement, ego or fear we find ourselves blocked to all possibilities in our life. Our words carry with them an energy that creates our perception of the world. In changing our words we change our perception and allow the doorway of miracles to open up into our lives. As we move from fear to love, we not only change our lives, but that of those around us. Challenges will continue to show themselves to us, but it is our choice as to whether we let it rule our lives and believe in it to take over our lives.

As we open up to love, we open up to a life of limitless possibilities and a knowing that no matter what, we are being lead and the universe always has our backs.

It is not in getting rid of fear in our lives but rather letting the power of it not take over who we are and stop us from moving in the direction that we are wanting to go. As we allow love into our lives we lesson the hold that fear has over us.

Everyday visualise a barometer of fear going down inch by inch and the feeling of love increasing.

Our lesson in this lifetime is to learn to coexist with fear, but not believe in it .

Your presence is your power.
Gabby was the true image of this. Her presence lit up the room with an energy that I feel there truly are no words for. Never have I come across someone in my life, apart from the Dalai Lama that I felt this kind of presence. Authentic. Real. Pure love and light. It is through working on our own energy field through practices of meditation and yoga that allows your presence to be a channel for the light. To speak with our hearts, not just our heads and to rely on our presence, not just our words. Yogi Bhajan says “If your presence doesn’t work neither will your word”. If you are not authentic in your every day actions and the message you send out into the world, you will find yourself off path, stuck and fearful.

It is by using your presence that allows mountains to move and to feel the presence of love deep within you.

Be an expression of this love and live in alignment with what is true to you.

And lastly, my favourite take away for the day;

Measure your success by how much fun you are having.

When you are living in alignment with your path you will feel it in every inch of body. You will feel spirit move through you. You will feel light, on purpose and energised to your core. The fire deep within your belly will be burning as bright as can be.

May these teachings begin to help you move from fear to love.

May you know your own true worth.

With love

Jen x

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