It’s time you reconnected with who you truly are and begin to build a loving and compassionate relationship with yourself.

My 1:1 Transformative Soulful Coaching & Healing Sessions are for you if...

You are a courageous woman ready to let go of self hate and sabotage to create a life of greater meaning, fulfilment, connection & joy.

Welcome dear one,

You’re the reason I started my business.

You’ve heard the call – it’s hit you on the head, smacked you in the face and woken you up. 

A lightening bolt has cracked your world open and shaken it upside down. 

Illness – divorce – relationship breakdowns – a dark night of the soul has seen you begin to question life and your purpose.

There’s no denying you now see the world oh so differently.

Your once normal life no longer…

Finding yourself at a cross roads you’re ready to stop wishing your days and life away and move from where you are now to where you truly want to be. 

No more asking yourself if this is all there really is to life…you KNOW there is more – in fact, you absolutely CRAVE more.

You’ve had enough of feeling drained, empty, exhausted, lifeless, lost and disconnected.

It is your birthright to fulfil your yearning for more, unlock your hearts desires & live in your absolute truth.


 For so long have been denying your needs, wants and yearningsYou’re ready to begin to build a new relationship with yourself based on self-love and self-compassion. No more abusing your body with drugs, food, exercise, sex or alcohol. THAT can be pushed out to the side!

 Feel an inner emptiness and yearn to be full and whole. You’ve tried to get your fix from outside sources but in all the upheaval of your life, you know you cannot don’t want to continue this way for any longer.

Want to find what truly fills you up from the inside out. You’re ready to lead from your heart, rather than your head.

Are over living your life for everyone else. You’re ready to connect with your truth; your soul and live life on your OWN terms, feeling strong and empowered with a deep inner knowing of who you are. 

 Are feeling lost and confused about what direction to take in your life. You wish you could be like those girls who have that ‘inner knowing’ and an air of grace about them.

 Are highly sensitive, always feeling everything so intensely, often thinking you’re too much, a misfit or a mistake. You wish you could belong in the world and find your tribe.

 Have lost touch with your own truth and authentic self. You wish you could find the strength to feel powerful in who you are, to speak your truth and to stop letting fear and your inner critic run your life.

 Have been through therapy to grieve the loss of your once life or deal with the underlying issues. You’re now ready to pick up the pieces and start moving forwards.

Your once ‘dream’ may have fallen by the wayside but you CAN and WILL dream a new dream.

Because I’ve been there!

Right where you are now lovely one, many times over and have transformed my life from the depths of despair into a life where I lead with my intuition and self love and self compassion are the cornerstone of my life.

My biggest ‘aha’ moment came when I found the missing piece of the puzzle.

Infact, it was there all along. 

At 3 years of age it was there.

At every turning point in my life it was there.

At every rock bottom moment it was there. 

Ultimately, the secret lay in listening to my heart and allowing my intuition to guide me.

And it’s available for you too.

Everything you need and yearn for is within you.

It is your intuition that will guide you as your very own life guidance system.

So let me cut straight to the chase.

How do I know all of this is possible?


Am not here to fix you, cure you or tell you what to do because in truth, you do all that.

Will provide an open, safe, non-judgmental, compassionate space for you to figure out what the heck you truly want and fall in love with your one wild and precious life.

 Value vulnerability and telling it how it is. Life is too short to beat around the bush. 

Want nothing more for you than to see you become the woman you were born to be. To own your worth and embrace every.single.aspect of who you are. 

For when you connect to who you truly are, the body and mind has the miraculous ability to heal itself, provide answers and lead you to where you want to go.

But only if we listen.

And so perhaps my job is to help you to listen.

To be your guide as you tap into your inner wisdom, ultimately creating the strongest of all connections with yourself.

The wisdom that knows the very answers you need. 

As a life coach, kinesiologist and mentor, it is my greatest wish to support you along your journey to reconnecting with the very wisdom and strength that you hold within.

Together We Will:

Create a vision for your one wild and precious life.

Brainstorm to your hearts content – dream BIG – no more playing small and hiding in the shadows. 

Find what truly lights you up and makes you come alive.

Set goals tapping into your heart wisdom. These are the permission slip you have been waiting for.

Clear subconscious blocks and resistance, helping you to move forwards with ease.

Help you connect with what really matters to you and support you to let go of anything that is draining you and your precious life.

Begin to build a new relationship with yourself where you treat yourself as your own best friend. Self love + self compassion are top of the list of priorities in your life.

Help you to re-connect with your one true and trusted guide –  your intuition.

Discover new techniques to assist you to value your sensitivity and find your place in your world.

Ensure you feel supported and nurtured as you move out of your comfort zone, stretching your sights further than you’ve ever dreamed possible.

Help you to embrace all of you – your so-called imperfections, your past and your vulnerabilities as you find your confidence from within.

As you listen to your own body + mind + soul you will jump into the drivers seat and lead from within rather than living your life guided by social pressure.

You will become your very own guide on the path to self-actualization.

It is time for you to let go of the barriers that have kept you hidden, stuck and in the shadows.

There is a wholehearted life waiting just around the corner for you filled with connection, joy, passion and purpose.

Are you ready to choose your own adventure?

Wings of Discovery

6 x 60 Minute Intuitive Coaching Sessions over 3 months via Zoom

 Pre Coaching Questionnaire

Email Support as required

Detailed PDF follow up report after each session

 Worksheets to support your growth and expansion

Life in Full Flight

12 x 60 Minute Intuitive Coaching Sessions over 6 months via Zoom

 Pre Coaching Questionnaire

Email Support as required

Detailed PDF follow up report after each session

 Worksheets to support your growth and expansion

Break Through
$160/per session

 1 hour supercharged coaching and energy healing consult via Zoom

 Pre Coaching Questionnaire

Detailed PDF follow up report after your session

If you have any questions or would like to have an obligation-free chat about my coaching or kinesiology packages, contact me here – I’d love to chat with you!