Hello & Welcome, I'm Jenny

I’m an internationally certified and award winning Beautiful You Life Coach, Kinesiologist and Mentor. It is my heartfelt mission to guide women to turn towards themselves with self love and compassion and become their own best friend.

Through my 1:1 coaching program, kinesiology and mentoring sessions I support you to dream big, to find what truly lights you up and to find purpose and meaning in your life.

Above all, I aspire to help you build a loving relationship with yourself. 

This is the permission slip you have been waiting for.

Let’s work together!

Jenny Orenstein

Internationally Certified and Award Winning Beautiful You Life Coach, Kinesiologist & Mentor

At thirty two years old, Jenny has walked through some of the fiercest fires imaginable. She has survived Anorexia Nervosa, Depression, Thyroid Cancer, divorce, left unfulfilling careers, and has reinvented herself, completely – many times over.

Today, as a writer, life coach, kinesiologist and mentor, she stands for one message:

“You can survive anything. You can be anything. And it’s never too late to start over.”

Connect with Jenny & take the first step towards a life of greater joy, compassion and purpose. 

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Before coaching with Jenny I was feeling very lost and confused in my life. I had ticked all the boxes of what I wanted to achieve.  I had lost clarity, direction and focus for myself. As we went through the coaching series Jen asked me some tough questions that got me out of the cycle of mindless over thinking and on a path that is more heart centred. I have found direction and clarity. I feel centred and alive and have more confidence within. I am excited about my dreams and goals and creating a life I love. I 100% recommend working with Jenny.

Kristy Da SilvaYoga Teacher

Before working with Jenny I was really hard with myself.  My self esteem was very low and I was feeling so stuck in every aspect of my reality. As I went through the coaching journey I began to start accepting myself, appreciating who I am, seeing my gifts, my strengths, my inner light and even have been able to have loving dialogues with the parts of myself I had been hating for so long.  I love Jenny’s connection with soul and spirit. Her approach is much more than coaching!  She is a soul midwife, a spiritual soul star that can see deep within you with such kindness and love. She is so gifted with a profound intuition. Today I am loving myself more and I feel this has no price!

Caroline Moye

Through coaching with Jenny I was able to be the real me. I felt liberated to have somebody hold my hand down a pathway that wasn't easy to navigate. Through Jenny's empathic and understanding nature she helped me to see that I didn't need to hide from the world anymore. I would 100% recommend coaching with Jenny if you are ready to break through all of the b/s in your life and truly make a positive change!

You couldn't have a better person on your side to help you heal emotional blocks in your life. Trust the process completely! What is meant to be healed, will be healed, if you allow it to be.

Michelle Powell
Michelle Powell

Before seeing Jenny I was at a cross roads. I lacked the confidence and self belief to step out of my comfort zone. Through coaching with Jenny I gained a new perspective.  I became inspired to step out of my comfort zone and I began to see myself as Michelle, not Michelle who has struggled with an eating disorder. Today, I see myself differently. I feel more confident and I am loving life. Jenny has inspired me to never stop believing and never stop dreaming. Without a doubt I would highly recommend Jenny's coaching services.

Michelle Preston

Jenny is a gift; she uses her wisdom, intuition, strength and empathy to lovingly guide a client through their coaching series, I felt supported and cheered on every step of the way. Working with Jenny has helped to anchor my life goals within me and enabled me to truly begin a journey of self-love and self-appreciation for which I am so grateful.

Cassie Freriechs
Cassie Freriechs

Jen has this beautiful way of putting me at ease and holding space for me to see the most amazing possibilities for myself with her right beside me willing to help me every step of the way! She is such a beautiful intuitive life coach that brings light and heartfelt transformation for her clients.

Jo Kendall
Jo Kendall